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One breath. You remember your training and your mind begins to relax as your heart rate slows. You embrace the experience and enjoy the silence of the ocean while trusting, and listening to your body. Freediving is bliss. Come and see what you can learn; your adventure begins here.

Who are we?

Adventure Freedivers was established in the Virgin Islands to share the enjoyment of Freediving with those willing to unlock their unrealised potential.  

The wanderlust of the instructors enabled Adventure Freedivers to become more remote and mobile, continuing the journey in other areas of the world. Our goal is to introduce people to the party, formally known as freediving, to reveal how strong and powerful their minds are, and how to harness that. Our students are continually suprised with their performance and abilities after working with our kick-ass instructors.    

Wollongong, NSW, Australia

For the 2019-2020 summer season, Adventure Freedivers will be based out of Wollongong to run courses and training camps across the Illawarra region.

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Certifications and courses 

Private classes available upon request


1 Day: Safety fundamentals

Learn the basics of freediving in confined water. An empasis is placed on the safety aspects while you learn how to participate in two pool disciplines.


3 Days: Entry level certification 

Feel more comfortable while exploring the ocean. After completing the first day of confined water, you will learn to dive past 12m on a single breath.


3 Days: Skill enhancement 

A course for already certified freedivers to increase their breath hold and depth, learn freedive specific stretches, as well as working on improving techique. 

Training and coaching

Private coaching and training sessions by request only


Keep up to date with your freediving by training the discipline which interests you the most. Instructors and assistant instructors are available for group or private training for depth or pool.


Hit your goals faster with one-on-one coaching with an instructor, including video analysis for all disciplines across the pool as well as depth.

Become an Emergency First Responder

Increase your confidence to provide care when faced with a medical emergency. Internationally recognised Primary and Secondary Care (First Aid & CPR) courses available for both divers and non-divers. Contact us today to enroll into your next course.

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