Maxine McLaughlin

Growing up on the water in Shelharbour, NSW, she thought she knew all there was about the water and water sports. After a spinal injury left her doing aqua aerobics in the pool with ladies who had 50+years on her, she stumbled across the world of freediving which completely changed her life. She moved overseas and eventually found herself in the Caribbean with great mentor's, learning how to share and teach this amazing sport. 
Maxine has experienced the world of freediving from many angles, from training herself, training with athletes, working on underwater shoots and multiple other events where underwater safety is needed. She continuously keeps up to date with new understandings and research involving freediving and hopes to contribute to the overall safety and knowledge of the freediving community.
With a breath hold of over 5 minutes and the ability to dive to over 50m deep on a single breath, she is happiest while in the water sharing her knowledge and passion with student's across the world.

Adam Stern

12x National Record Holder & Australia's Freediving Sweetheart

"Maxine is not only an incredibly professional instructor, but she also strives to continuously increase her knowledge. I have seen how much she cares for her students both in the water, and through ensuring they leave with getting the most out of their course. I would recommend her to anyone planning to take a Freediving course or looking for some coaching"

Jimmy Jeantot

100m+ Diver & Competition Freediver

"I have had the pleasure of training with Maxine. I have seen her in the water as a coach, safety, instructor and also when training for herself. She is truly a complete freediver with a great spirit and attitude that made every session with her a delight.
I always felt 100% safe and confident coming back from 90m+ dives knowing that she was watching over me, with safety as a high priority she is also the ideal freediving buddy. 
Her passion is contagious, and she will teach you with patience and dedicated attention"

Nays Baghai

Award Winning Filmmaker & Underwater Cameraman

"Simply put - Maxine is one of the most experienced and professional freediving instructors active in Australia. She is a natural teacher with a friendly personality, an encylopedic knowledge of the sport, and a rock-solid work ethis that elevates her above others"

Erin Kneuer

Head Freedive Instructor Utila Water sports & Apnea Total Instructor Trainer

"As Maxine's instructor trainer it has been wonderful watching her grow as an instructor and see her passion shine through. She is always staying up to date on the newest information regarding the science of the sport and her dedication to learning and continuing to expand her knowledge base makes for a great experience for her students. She goes above and beyond to give her students the best experience possible and provides extremely informative but most importantly fun courses! She has a fantastically optimistic outlook and a relaxed energy that is so important when freediving. "

Sunny Jeong

Competitive Freediver & Freediving Instructor

"Maxine is one of my favorite instructors, she always makes everyone laugh and immediately feel comfortable. If I were to do my Wave 1/beginners course again, she is definitely the one I would want as my instructor"


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